Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Realistic Housewives - Toys

Do you ever feel like toys multiply overnight? Or when your kid has a birthday party you pray there aren't any toys that make noise or have 10,000 itty bitty pieces? Do you ever just sit and dream of all the toys being sorted and organized in nice neat baskets or bins? Or dream that your kids would play with one thing at a time and then put it away before pulling out something else to play with?!! Oh one can dream!

I suppose a real housewife would go around picking up after her kids so that toys aren't scattered all over the house. Or even better she would have trained her kids to put away before going on to the next toy. And her house would be straightened before the kids went to bed. Do you know someone like this? I don't. We like to believe that we are the only ones with cars on the kitchen counter, trains on the bathroom floor, and pink purses laying all over the living room instead of in the playroom or bedroom. So basically we think our house is the only one overrun with toys that need to be organized! We just don't want anyone to know that happens in our house!

Toys have always been a problem in our house being a mess. Even with a "playroom" they seems to take over the house. So this summer I am trying to implement some new rules to keep my sanity. We are doing two things - 1. making our beds everyday (which I blog about here) and 2. we are going to pick-up the house everyday before supper. I decided to do this so I don't feel like I'm living in chaos all the time. I also want to be able to do more fun things instead of constantly picking up. Also it is time my kids learn to help around the house. My hope is these things become a part of our routine which will make our lives much easier! One can hope!

So anyone else feel this way about toys? Any tips? If you have any leave a message and I'll do another post on it.

I forgot to take pictures before we cleaned up yesterday. Picture the train table a wreck. A train couldn't run on that track if he tried. And toys all over the floor. We did a lot of cleaning out and getting rid of toys we don't use anymore as well. My plan is to get a chalkboard and white board to hand on the wall so I can get rid of the easel combo chalk/white board that takes up a lot of space.

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This is the other side of the room looking into the foyer and dining room. See the toys that are spilling over into those rooms? Can you relate to that?!

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