Tuesday, June 04, 2013


 A couple of weeks ago we decided to buy some more flowers and plant them in our yard to add more a little more color. It didn't seem like we bought that much but we planted 41 plants! Billy dug the holes while Bailey and I put in the plants. And the boys just played. I love our yard now. My biggest challenge will be to keep in watered until it takes root and can go on it's own but so far so good! We planted some more lantana, ice plant, vinca and a few other things.

This was the lantana I planted about a month ago...

This is the same lantana today...blooms everywhere!

Added a few vincas in the mix

This ice plant only had half the blooms in the beginning of May! We planted six of these on our retaining wall ini the back yard. Really hoping they do this well so that one day our back wall will be covered in purple flowers!

I love this plant. 

Here's the back yard...love our solar lanterns!

Then here is our new back porch. We spend ALOT of time here these days! We have supper here almost every night and I have breakfast and coffee here every morning. So blessed to have this porch! 

Ok well this is what we have been up to the last month yard work and being lazy on the back porch!