Saturday, April 13, 2013


Today we went to the place where they make the famous hot sauce - Tabasco. The factory is on Avery Island in Louisiana and is the only factory in the world where Tabasco is made. Avery Island has been in the same family since before the Civil War. All the seeds for the peppers are grown in Louisiana but most of the peppers are grown in Central and South America. It takes three years and 28 days to make the sauce. The peppers are are harvested, crushed, mixed with a little salt and stored in wooden barrels all in one day and then stored for three years before the process is finished. Who knew hot sauce could take so long to make. Also under the island are salt mines which are believed to be as deep as Mt. Everest is tall! Ok there is your history lesson for the day! Highly recommend you visit if you are in Louisiana.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Bailey's Birthday #7

When I asked Bailey where she wanted to go eat for her birthday and after giving her a few choices she quickly said, "Mexican!" You see a few weeks before we had been to eat Mexican and she saw someone have a birthday there and they put a sombrero on their head and then sang Happy Birthday. She thought that was great! It's funny though because Bailey does not like to draw any attention to herself at all! But I guess the sombrero overshadowed any attention! And I think she thought she would get to keep the sombrero. A little disappointed when she didn't. But she had fun anyway.

Then for her party we invited a few girls from her class to do a painting class. Bailey picked a butterfly to paint. They all wanted different colors so they were all one of a kind pieces! Bailey loves to do anything art so this was a fun way to celebrate turning 7! So thankful for our sweet princess!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


As I was looking for things to post I realized I never posted Halloween pictures. Oops! Bailey was Cinderella, Jesse was Darth Vader, and Jack was Captain Hook or some kind of pirate. Our friend Aspen went with us but she was scared of Jesse with his Darth Vader mask on and would scream hysterically when he had it on! Finally after about 20 min she understood it was only Jesse and he was able to wear his mask. Funny and not all at the same time!

Turning 40

Hard to believe I woke up one morning and was 40! I mean I don't feel 20 but 40! Come on. Yet here it is! I am not falling into a deep depression or having a midlife crisis nor am I saying "life begins at 40!", like I have heard numerous times since my birthday. Rather it's just another birthday. I do look forward to life in my forties. Lots has happened in the previous twenty years. In my twenties some highlights were- I graduated from college, moved to New Orleans, graduated from seminary, moved to Istanbul, met my husband, and traveled to some great cities in Europe. In my thirties some highlights(or major events) were- getting married, having a baby girl, having a baby boy, moving back to the states, saying good bye to my best friend, who is at home in heaven, then moving to GA, having baby #3, buying our own business, and the best part of my thirties was knowing and trusting Christ in a way I didn't think was possible.

My parents gave me surprise party while home one weekend. Here are some pictures...