Wednesday, June 04, 2014

My First DIY Project

I decided to do a little DIY project a few weeks ago. I have never attempted to paint anything before or do anything "crafty" in any way, shape or form. Give me a recipe and I can cook or bake all day but I am not the Pinterestry crafty type. But I had these two lateens that I have had for years that were silver. I decided that they would look better painted so I got the paint and did it! I was so proud of myself! My next project is painting some picture frames!

Field Day 2014

Bailey and Jesse both had field day a few weeks ago. This is not the field day I use to have as a kid. We would do 100yd dash, tug of war, sack race and stuff like that. At our school it is totally different. There was a sack race but that was the only "normal" one. I guess there is always change! :)