Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day

This year Billy and I had the privilege of going to Charleston, SC for a couple of days. My parents along with my sister came and took care of the kids. We were blessed that they would do this! So thankful to them for giving us some time away and taking great care of our three monkeys.

Billy and I had our first date on Valentine's 10 years ago. He texted me and asked if I wanted to go to a movie. Later found out I wasn't his first choice. He tried to get a couple of guys to go with him but for some reason couldn't. Anyway, we ended up going to dinner and then a movie. And then after the movie he talked in a circle in a around about way of pursing me. Thankfully I got the gist of what he was saying and here we are today! We had a great Valentine's which included a carriage ride (with 14 other people) around Charleston followed by a much needed uninterrupted nap!

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Monday, February 04, 2013


Jack is the worst at going to sleep lately. He will get up, run around and we make numerous attempts to put him back in the bed. Some nights we are successful sometimes not as you can see below. We found him in the hallway when we went to check on the kids before bed. We used to find Jesse like this all time - in the hallway, in the floor in his room, behind this door, under his bed, in the bathroom and sometimes with clothes sometimes not. But this was a first for Jack. He hasn't done it since so we'll see. I started threatening to take away TV for a day (and already did it once) and he is doing much better at staying in his bed! And he never goes to sleep with out his Goofy and his doggy! Never!

Christmas Tradition

Every year we get a gingerbread something to do before Christmas. This year I saw this Christmas tree and thought it would be cute and different from the traditional houses. These kind of things can either go really really good or really really really bad. Getting the icing just right always helps in making it go well. And after a few tries I finally got it so that the kids could easily spread the icing on themselves. As always Jack decided he would rather eat the cookie than decorate it! I had a good time and I hope the kids always enjoy doing this together making those special Christmas memories.

9 years and counting!

I know this is late but I am trying to catch up on all the things I didn't blog about in the fall!

November 22 we celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary! We were in Louisiana so we Billy's mom kept the kids and we went to a fabulous restaurant and a movie. I am so glad to be celebrating with this man! Hard to believe it has been 9 years! We are looking forward to celebrating number 10 this year. We are planning a trip to the West coast (without kids!) and we are pretty excited about it! Okay, back to #9...thankful and blessed to be on this journey with Billy James Johnson!