Monday, May 21, 2012

Realistic Housewives - The Bed

It seems in the world there are the people who make their bed and then the ones that don't. No in between. Well maybe except for when company comes over then you make the bed. I have never made my bed. Oh sure I've tried to be one of those that makes it as soon as they get out but it never lasts long. It fades quickly. But a real housewife would make it every day no matter what.

But the weird thing is when I get in the bed I have to straighten it up so it isn't messy. Drives my husband crazy! And I know you are thinking, "then why didn't you make it in the first place?!" Oh I don't know just didn't. Lazy. But with summer coming and three kids getting bigger and making bigger messes, I have decided that making beds everyday is in order for everyone! So starting next week all the beds will be made.

I do need to say that I told my husband about this the other day and the next day when he got up he made the bed! I beat him to it the next day but he has continued to do it the last two days! What a sweet husband! So we are turning over a new leaf!

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1 comment:

mab said...

Today Ella came running in and said "I made your bed!" Sure enough, she had gone in and made our bed. Then she made hers. Then she made her sister's bed. Oh, my poor, sweet, OCD organized child who has such an unorganized mother....

Would you like me to send her over every morning to make y'all's bed? She'd be happy to.