Thursday, May 16, 2013

May Flowers

We have lived in our house for almost three years and have changed very little of the landscaping outside. We have ALOT of green shrubs more than I really want but they came with the house so until I can pay someone to dig them up they will stay. I added some flowers a couple of years ago around the mailbox and they haven really taken off. So this year I was tired of just green and decided to head to the nursery today and buy some more flowers! Now, I am not a gardner and I have no idea what I am doing. I tried to look for things that said "full sun" and didn't need much watering or attention. Oh and I looked for the word perennial! So I got a few lantana cause I think they grow pretty well and some other things that I can't remember but I just thought they were pretty. So here is to hopefully a colorful yard! Fingers crossed! Wish me luck!

Here are the mailbox flowers. The really big green ground cover with purple flowers and the white flowers are what I planted two Mays ago. I planted them just before Mother's Day. The little purple flower close to the street is what I planted today. My neighbor has some at her mailbox and they are doing great so I copy catted her. 

These are some Iris's that I transplanted from a neighbor's yard down the street. I didn't think they would come back but they are still living after two years and they are mulitplying! They are almost ready to bloom.

More lantana

These are some flowers that I got right before Easter and they are still living! I have a hard time keeping potted plants alive outside but they are doing pretty well I would say. I have two of these planters on my front porch. 

After I finish the front yard I am going to try and tackle the back yard. It needs a lot of help!