Sunday, April 19, 2015


The other week we decided to go hiking and have some fun. It was a rare Saturday when we didn't have soccer because of spring break so we went for it! We haven't been really hikers but as the kids get older it is easier to do. Not as much whining from them like, "my feet hurt" "how much further" "are we almost there" you know comments like that that make it SO much fun for the parents! We are for the most part past this and we can all enjoy the hike. Thank goodness! 
Leading the pack

He held my hand almost the whole time!

Beautiful kids, beautiful waterfall

My monkeys

Easter 2016

We had some great friends come over to celebrate Easter with! The kids loved hiding the eggs although I didn't boil them long enough. Lesson learned: boil eggs for MUCH longer so that when the kids break them ooey gooey centers are not running out. :( #gross #messy And I might have gone a little crazy in buying those PAAS egg containers to dye eggs in. If you ever need some we have plenty! :)