Monday, October 31, 2011

Jesse's Birthday

For Jesse's birthday we didn't do anything big since we already had a party. Jesse had fish sticks as requested and the rest of us ate leftovers. I did make him a Lightning McQueen cake. I think it might be the last cake I make. It use to be fun but the fun has wore off. I quickly (and not very good) put the icing on. Thankfully in a 4yr. olds eyes it was a great cake! I couldn't get the black dark enough, it was more like gray, so I didn't put any icing on the chocolate tires. From a distance you couldn't tell. See what I mean about this is probably my last cake. Anyway, he had a great birthday celebrating with his nany, granddad and Aunt Kim.

again trying to get a picture of all three kids

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Jack and Sheryl said...

What do you mean...that cake is adorable! You did a great job. Don't give up! :)