Monday, June 13, 2011

Hammock Time!

The kids (especially Bailey) loves to sit in the hammock. The other night I caught her in it swinging with her eyes closed just having a good time until her brother, Jesse, wanted to get in. And she did not want him swinging with her. I told her to let him sit and she screamed, " I can't have any quiet time!" and stormed off! Dramatic? Just a little. It didn't last long Jesse wanting to sit in the hammock so she continued to have her quiet time. Peace.

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Bailey and Scrappy...he loves Bailey! And loves to steal her flip flops!

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1 comment:

rindy said...

hahaha. too cute. i think i've screamed those very same words more than once in istanbul. just think of all the fun at your house when the teenage years hit. :-)