Thursday, March 08, 2012

Happy Birthday Bailey!

Six years ago today we welcomed Bailey into our family! I was reminding her today that she was almost 2 weeks late and didn't want to come out of momma's belly and so finally the doctor made her come out! Thankfully my amniotic fluid was low or she would have been in there a few more days! I'm not sure I could have handled a 10 lb baby! 9 lbs. 11oz was big enough! We love our Bailey Bug. She is becoming a wonderful young lady and can't imagine life without her! Thankful to God for our little love bug!

This morning I made her chocolate chip pancakes (normally it's poptarts or cereal for breakfast at 6:30am!). I put a candle in it and Billy and I sang Happy Birthday. This is what she said...

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"why didn't I put six on there?" Haha! so I put six on there and we did it again!

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This afternoon, I am going to be the mystery reader in her class and also surprise her with brownies! And then later this afternoon we are going to go see "The Lorax." She has been dying to see it. Happy Birthday Bailey!

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Keri Sheckler said...

Sweet #6. She is a beautiful young lady, Elizabeth. A gift no doubt.