Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gluten Free Easter

I love to have people in my home. And when they are I want them to enjoy it. I want them to be comfortable and relaxed. I normally fix food for my guests and I want the food to be yummy and something everyone can eat. In the past I have had to worry about making sugar-free friendly food my dad and father-in-law, who both have diabetes, can eat. But recently I have quite a few friends, who deal with a gluten intolerance for several different reasons. I have a neighbor, who has Celiac Disease, which means it is hard for her to digest wheat, and then I have two friends who have children with autism and gluten causes their children problems so they also stay away from wheat. I regularly have these people in my home and want them to eat and enjoy.

So onto the gluten-free Easter. I’m sure you are thinking that Easter and gluten-free don’t go together maybe Easter and sugar but not gluten-free. And you are right but there is one company out there looking out for people who need gluten free products -So Lucky Gifts! This company was started by a group of friends, in which two of them were diagnosed with Celiac disease. They make it easy for people like me to fix easy, simple gluten free foods for my guests! How great is that! I had the chance to sample one of their gluten-free Easter Baskets and it was fantastic! You would never know the difference!

Here is the basket: I may have eaten did eat the ears off the bunny before I took the picture. I don't want you to think they sent it this way! :) Also check out how cute the little bunny basket is! 

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It came with a Chocolate Bunny, Animal Crackers, Key Lime gummy bunnies, and lollipops. I started sampling the basket before dinner and almost ruined my dinner because I couldn’t stop eating it! I love, love, love the gummy bunnies! My husband did too. (We will be getting more of those!) The lollipops had some not your run of the mill flavors, which had great taste and almost made you think you weren’t eating candy! And who doesn’t love a good animal cracker? Brings back childhood memories. You would never know they didn’t have wheat in them.  And the star of any Easter Basket is the chocolate bunny and this gluten-free bunny did not disappoint! We love chocolate in our house and we know chocolate and this one was nice and smooth the way good chocolate should be. 

Also I am a online shopper and I love the fact I can go to So Lucky Gifts and order things for my pantry, send a care package or a birthday gift without leaving my home. I don’t have to stand in the store and worry about which one is best cause these ladies at So Lucky Gifts have already done the work for me!

I am glad to have found a place I can rely on to help me make the guests in my home feel comfortable and not have to worry about the food they eat. Thank you So Lucky Gifts!
I encourage you to check out their website. You might just find something you like! 

Here is an official list of everything in the basket:
This gift is gluten free and dairy free. 

  • Indie Candies- Gummie Chews -Key Lime, 1.5 oz
  • Indie Candies - Chocolate Bunny
  • Kinnikinnick Animal Cookies, 8 oz
  • Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops Bin, 6 oz
  • Easter Bunny Felt Basket

The centerpiece of this basket is of course the big chocolate bunny.  It is a beautiful and delicious classic Easter basket addition in dairy free European dark chocolate; 4.3 ozs of dark chocolate. Vegan, Nut Free, Dairy Free,GFCFSF,Soy Free,Big 8 Allergen Free, All Natural.

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