Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cool, Bad or Lazy?

Every Sunday night I let my kids have whatever they want for supper. Usually it is popcorn with M&M's. It sounds terrible and I can't believe myself that I would let my kids eat only junk for supper but I do. So I am trying to decide if it's because I'm a cool mom, who normally stays within the rules but can let her hair down every now and then. OR if I'm a bad mom - what REAL mom would let her kids eat junk (popcorn, cheetos, m&m's, Oreos, etc. you get the idea) for supper every week! OR if I'm just lazy - I don't want to fix anything and they normally complain about what I do fix so who cares let them just eat what they want. I'm leaning more toward just plain lazy. For now we are going to just stick with it. They are all still living and seem to be doing ok. So being a little lazy on Sunday will just have to do. (I won't tell you that it might or might not happen at other times during the week too!)

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