Sunday, September 28, 2008

Build a Better Burger

If you've ever watched the Food Network then you might have seen Sutter Homes Winery - Build a Better Burger contest. We saw it early in the summer and were inspired to try and build our own burger for the contest. We tried to have a mix of Turkish and American blend by putting pureed eggplant, bacon and caramelized onions on the burger. I have to say it was pretty good. And so did the guinea pigs, I mean friends, that tried the burger a couple of different times. Well I'm sad to say but our burger did not make the cut. But we hope to improve it and try again next year! Today was the contest so we decided to make one of the burgers to see what did make the cut. We chose the New York Steakhouse burger. It was pretty good but wasn't today's contest winner. So as we try the rest we'll let you know how they are.

This was the burger. The recipe called for a brioche bun but all Kroger had was mini brioche buns. I wanted to try the burger exactly as it was in written in the recipe so this is what my burger looked like! I did get it in my small mouth! no comments on the my mouth.

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rindy said...

not commenting on your "small" mouth. :-) looks good. i'm really missing my food channel! glad you're enjoying it. afiyet olsun.

KB Thomas said...

Why do you open the door for obvious comments about your big mouth? Seriouly? Those were some good burgers but not better than the TURKEY BURGER!