Friday, September 19, 2008

Ace of Cakes

Last night I started taking my first cake decorating class. With Jesse's birthday coming up I thought I should learn a little more about how to decorate a cake because I really want to make it since I made and decorated Bailey's first birthday cake. In Turkey we didn't have any classes so I just had to do it by looking at the picture. It turned out ok for my first time. So over the next few weeks you will see if I get any better. The bad side is I have to make a cake every week! I'll need to find someone to give it to so we don't eat a whole cake every week for the next four weeks! And I don't like icing so I won't be tempted to eat all my mistakes!

this was Bailey's cake so we'll see how much I progress. The colors aren't so good but all I had was Turkish food coloring so that's my excuse!

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The Travis Team said...

I get to your blog via Amy I's blog. Incidentally I am originally from LC, LA and consider myself a "true" cajun, but I digress.

When my sisters took cake decorating classes together a few years ago there were times that they did not have time to bake a cake and decorate it with other things happening in their lives. On these ocassions they ingeniously flipped the cake pan over and decorated it. No one at the class knew the differance. Try this sometime when you are running short on time. :)

Matt Travis
Dallas, TX

Jack and Sheryl said...

Good for you! How fun! You did a great job on Bailey's so I'm sure you will be a pro in no time. :) I'll be excited to see Jesse's cake.