Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Wedding

On Wednesday we traveled to Phoenix to pick up some friends and then traveled to California for a wedding. Wednesday was a very long day since I traveled by myself on two planes with two kids! 2 planes + 2 kids = not a very good time. The first plane ride was from h*** but the second one was better until the end. Then on Thursday morning me and Andrea traveled with our children (4 total) plus our friend Lindsay to Beaumont, California to see our friend Allyson get married. Was I crazy or what?! You should have seen our van with all the car seats! It was fun seeing friends I hadn't seen in over a year. But it was really weird because I had never seen any of them outside of Turkey. I met all of them in Turkey and that was the only place I knew them. So to see them in California or Phoenix was odd. Anyway, it was fun to catch up and reminisce.

So on to the wedding. Bailey was a flower girl. I wasn't sure if it would work but she did fine. She walked down the aisle but did not throw any petals. Her basket was full when she walked to me. But she had the cutest grin on her face that said, "I did it mommy!" So sweet.

ok I'll post more pictures later.

This was during rehearsal...as you can see she is sitting real "lady" like

Andrea, Adeline and Lylah

Lindsay and Callie...get the saint award for hanging out with two crazy moms and their kids!


Anonymous said...

Bailey looks precious and so grown up. I wish we could have been there to see her. I'm also sad I wasn't apart of the girl's weekend. Looks like it was fun!
Aunt Jen

Cal said...

YES!!! I finally get the saint award!! so, don't I have to be the saint of somthing?! Seriously, we loved it! I only wish I could have talked with you guys about five more hours...