Monday, March 31, 2008

Only in America

Ok there are a lot of great things about living in America but I'm not sure this is one of them. While driving through Pigeon Forge we saw a Wedding Chapel that had a drive thru window so you could get married or renew your wedding vows. This is what there website says, "Looking for a FAST and FUN way to get married or renew your wedding vows? Our Wedding Bell Chapel drive thru ceremony offers a truly unique & memorable experience you're sure to enjoy! Also included is a FREE "Just Married" or "Just Remarried Sign." Since when did going through a drive thru become fun and especially to get married! Can you imagine your fiance saying, "Hey honey do you want to go through the drive thru at McDonald's and get some burgers and while we are out let's get married at the drive through as well." How romantic. Every girls dream to get married in a drive thru. But you get a free "Just Married" sign so that should be worth it.

See the white sign on the left side of the building that's the drive thru window. Nice.

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Rebecca said...

Guess what?!? I was reading your blog at the very moment your comment on mine popped up! So fun! It's almost like we're talking in real life...almost, but not quite...and yes, I will definitely need to come visit. Love you!

John D Johnson said...

about as romantic as getting proposed to at the Pilot in Halls???