Friday, April 12, 2013

Bailey's Birthday #7

When I asked Bailey where she wanted to go eat for her birthday and after giving her a few choices she quickly said, "Mexican!" You see a few weeks before we had been to eat Mexican and she saw someone have a birthday there and they put a sombrero on their head and then sang Happy Birthday. She thought that was great! It's funny though because Bailey does not like to draw any attention to herself at all! But I guess the sombrero overshadowed any attention! And I think she thought she would get to keep the sombrero. A little disappointed when she didn't. But she had fun anyway.

Then for her party we invited a few girls from her class to do a painting class. Bailey picked a butterfly to paint. They all wanted different colors so they were all one of a kind pieces! Bailey loves to do anything art so this was a fun way to celebrate turning 7! So thankful for our sweet princess!

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