Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kick'in it!

Today was our last soccer practice/game. Jack of course was only interested half the time and he didn't even participate in the "game" part. Jesse continues to love it. He is so fun to watch. And well Jack is just funny to watch.


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"warming up" - here they are touching there toes. Jack usually just squats all the way down while touching his toes. It's pretty cute.

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Bailey our helper. She is wearing my sunglasses. :)

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This video is the coach trying to get them to choose a name. The little boy with the mohawk wants to be the otter bots or something like that. When the coach asks everyone if that is ok Jack says no. Then she tries for the otter bot dinosaurs. And again Jack says no. So it's pretty funny. I think they ended up with otter bots dinosarus green snakes! What a mouth full!

So here they are "playing" a game...
Score! Finally after a lot of work and going all over the field, Jesse scores! He actually got 4 goals today! And he was keeping count! Way to go otter bot dinosaurs green snakes!

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