Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rebecca Abla

Last week we had a visit from a sweet friend, Recbecca Abla. We first met in Turkey. The day she arrived in Turkey it was snowing and thankfully I didn't have to go to the airport to pick her up since she was staying at my house. That was a crazy day! That's where our friendship started and I am so glad it did. While she was here I bought and fixed some Turkish food to make it feel more like home. It is always much more fun to share those things with someone who appreciates them. We had sigara borek (made with real yufka, kasar, and beyaz peynir), visne suyu and baklava (which I bought). I am thankful that I got to see more of my family from Turkey. So glad you came Rebecca Abla! And actually I am the abla since I am older than her. And sadly this was the only picture I took. Afiyet olsun!

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Rebecca said...

Yeah, I'm sorry I let you take that pic!! Ha! And that's right, you are the real abla! Thanks again for having me and for all the Turkish treats! It was really really great to be with you, even though it was way too short. Love you!

Anonymous said...

What fun to see you write about our Rebecca! Of course we didn't know who R. Abla is! While she was with you those couple of days, I had such joy in my heart, because I knew both of you were happy to share both friendship and also foods from Turkey.
Love and blessings to you and your family!
Jane Alexander (Rebecca's mom)