Friday, September 02, 2011


We have been in our house just a little over a year and there are several things that just needed more organization. One was the master closet. We had shelves but things were just stuck here and there or thrown up wherever and half of it was falling down. So one day I loaded up the kids and headed to The Container Store. I know a recipe for disaster taking three kids on a rainy day to any kind of store. But thankfully they were pretty well behaved and I was able to get what I needed. I love the way it turned out and don't get stressed out when I walk into my closet because of all the chaos. It is organized!  Another reason I wanted to reorganize was to have a place for my undies in the closet. I got tired of walking into the bed room and then walking back into the closet to finished getting dressed. I know sounds lazy but that's just how I am.  I also got an extra shoe rack so I didn't trip over my shoes every time I went in my closet.

I don't have a true before picture but this is an in between picture. It is sorta organized. Before I took this picture I threw away things and put them into totes but it was still not great. All that stuff in the totes was just laying of the shelves. Also all my purses/bags were just thrown up there but I decided to stick them all into one big bag. So it was better.

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But after thinking about it some's what I did.

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and this...

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so until my next project!

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