Thursday, September 01, 2011

My Calendar

Last fall I was having trouble remembering everything I needed to do. It seemed I was always forgetting something. I forgot to take Bailey to ballet a couple of times or forgetting to send in snack or tuition for preschool and one time I forgot that I had scheduled a babysitter until she showed up at my door! Soooo...I had to do something. I did not want to be the mom that did not have it all together. Ok still don't have it together but I don't forget the day to day stuff anymore! I bought a calendar, that hangs in my kitchen, and  I can change it out every month and put everything on it that our family is doing. It has been wonderful! Except for the time a kid came over and erased half my board! So now I try to put everything in my phone as well so that if it does get erased I have a back up. I don't know if my forgetfulness is due to old age or just the fact that I have 3 kids or my husband. Ok maybe all three!

out with August

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Hello September! and you will see above I have a board that I put pictures on and then notes or things I need to do in coming months

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Kim for the Kings said...

I'm way behind on my blog reader but was just catching up on you guys... I feel famous! We made your blog! haha ;) It must feel WONDERFUL to begin to get organized again! Love you, sister!