Thursday, August 11, 2011

Water Genie

For the past several months I have been getting some kind of pitcher and filling it up umpteenth number of times to water the plants of the front porch. Well first let me say that I would fill my pitcher up in the kitchen go to the front porch water the plants then repeat about 4-5 times. This got really old. Then I found the water spicket outside right next to the front porch! Why I had never looked before I don't know. So then my job got a little easier and at least I didn't have to make several trips to the kitchen. Anyway, I complanined told my husband I was getting tired of this so on one of his trips to The Home Depot he got me this Water Genie! Perfect! You just hook it up to the water spicket and voila! you have water! It has a 40ft hose on the inside and a button for continuous water flow or you can control the water flow yourself. And it is only $9.97! Not too bad. Anyway, just had to share about something I was so excited about and makes my life much much easier thanks to my wonderful husband!

the water genie with my not so great looking flowers. The flowers look fine but the stems are really yellow. Can anyone help me out?

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my very thristy Vinca's

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once again the wonderful water genie!

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