Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sneaky Boys

This happened a week or so ago so I don't remember all the details but I think Jesse was asking me for a snack. I must have been busy doing something important (haha!), anyway, and kept telling him I would get it in just a minute. Well, he got tired of waiting and so he and Jack decided to get their own snack. As you can see they helped themselves to some Girl Scout cookies, Tag-a-longs, actually. They were so proud of themselves. It was hard to fuss so I just took their picture because they were too cute! At least they got a paper plate out to eat on in the living room! I'm sure this won't the last time these two are partners in crime!

And you can see Jack is shaking the box to see if there is anymore!

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And in this picture you can see Jack with a sucker. We got home from church last Wednesday and I started fixing the kids supper when I looked down to see Jack walking around with this sucker in his mouth. No idea how he got it. Jesse got some goodies from his end of the year party that day so he must have snatched it from Jesse. Anyway, he had it all over him, sticky stuff everywhere! Again it was so cute that I grabbed the camera! 

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