Thursday, June 10, 2010

Plastic or Paper?

Well actually neither. For about a year now I have been using the cloth type bags the grocery stores sell for a dollar a bag. I got tired of going to the store and having a bazillion plastic bags to cart home! The bag boys would put about 3 things in each bag and then get out a new one. Plus I hate having all those plastic bags taking up space in my cabinet just waiting to be used again which they rarely ever are. These cloth bags can hold so much - I can usually get all my groceries in about 4 bags. And not to mention the green side of it which isn't why I do it but it does help. Plus they are pretty sturdy. I've been using mine for almost a year and I've never had one break and I pack a lot of groceries in them. I can put two gallon milk jugs in one and they still hold. And they are much easier to carry than those little plastic bags.

At first it took me a few times to remember the bags when I went in the store but I started setting them in the seat next to me to help me remember and when I finish with them at home I hang them on the door so that when I go to my car next I can take them with me. I have several bags mostly from Publix but I also have a Target (from my sister), Toys-R-Us (also sister), Georgia Aquarium (free), Atlanta Botanical (also free), White Stores(also sister - she's into the bags too!). I also take them into other stores like Lowe's, Walmart or Kohl's and at Target they give you 5 cents off your total for every reusable bag you bring in. It's not much but hey it's 5 cents. At most stores they only cost $1 and sometimes at Publix they have a coupon to buy a certain product and then you get a bag free. So give them a try you'll be glad you did! Go Cloth! (or whatever they are called!)

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R, T and O said...

The cloth bags are quickly replacing the plastic bags as the new Turkish briefcase. ha ha The ones that fold up into a ball are becoming really popular here too. You can buy them at all of the bazaars.