Saturday, June 12, 2010

Growing Up

Bailey loves to dress herself. Sometimes she does a good job and sometimes well she looks like...a hoont. Can't explain just have to know. She loves to wear skirts and dresses and wears them most days. I do try to redress her before we go out of the house but some days it is not worth the battle and this was one of those days. So dressing yourself is a sign of growing up!

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Patrick McGill said...

Been Out of Pocket - Crazy Life! Love a new member to the hoont club. Welcome Bailey. Loved your remembers of Kim - I miss her very much too. But one day!! Think of you often wish we all could get together some time.


KB Thomas said...

That girl is an international at heart. Matching is so overrated! I am a little concerned about her need to wear a dress or skirt every day...are you raising a pentecostal? Only just have a girly girl on your hands.