Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Third Child

Poor Jack, not only does he swing in a pink swing but he also has to hold his own bottle. Poor guy. Actually he started holding it on his own without us trying to get him to do it. Bailey and Jesse never did this! They were lazy and more than happy to let mom and dad hold their bottle. But Jack likes to be in control and hold it himself most of the time. It works out nice these days and lets me tend to Bailey and Jesse for a few minutes. At first I couldn't get him to even take a bottle but now a month later he takes it like a champ!

He is so cute holding his bottle

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1 comment:

Jack and Sheryl said...

That baby boy is so adorable, you are making me want another BABY just looking at him! I gave away all of my baby clothes this month, and I was not expecting to be quite so emotional about it! Anyway, enjoy the last few months of sweet! Poor Lorelai will probably be called 'baby' the rest of her life. :)