Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Peanut Butter and Crab Legs

Well if you know Bailey very well you know that this girl could survive on peanut butter. She could eat peanut butter for lunch and supper if I would let her! And probably have it for breakfast too! She does have it everyday for lunch unless I insist on something else which doesn't happen very often because the hassle to get her to eat something else is not worth the effort most days. But the one thing she will eat which is a far cry from peanut butter is crab legs! Her daddy got her to try them one night at Red Lobster and now she loves them. Daddy of course has a lot more work to do since they both eat them but at least it is something different! She eats almost as much as he does! I know (hope) her pickiness won't last forever but for now Bailey could survive on peanut butter and crab legs! (and a grill cheese every now and then!)

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