Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pray for Little Anna Grace

I wanted to ask for prayer for some friends of ours little girl, Anna Grace. Anna Grace has been in the hospital in Baton Rouge for almost two weeks now. She had been sick for months and the doctors couldn't exactly get the diagnosis right until they went to Baton Rouge. She had choked on something months before and so a little sticker was blocking her air passage causing all the trouble. She had surgery to remove it but Anna Grace is having a hard time recovering. I am going to send you to the Hunter's blog so you can read and I don't mess up any of the story. But please pray for Anna Grace to heal quickly. Pray for Victoria and Andrew as they take care of both of their little girls and pray for strength as they are exhausted in so many ways! And pray for Allie, their oldest, that she would be able to cope with all that's going.

Anna Grace and Jesse. This picture was taken in September so it's a little old.

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Victoria said...

THANK YOU!!! I just added your site to ours and read what you had written. Thank you for your prayers, and your encouraging text messages. They always seem to come at just the right time, like an answer to prayer! Hopefully we will be home very soon.