Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa Claus

At Mother's Day Out yesterday they had Santa Claus. So we tried to have our picture made with him to say we did. We aren't really doing the Santa thing but took the picture for my mother. :) Anyway Bailey didn't want to have her picture made with him and I finally got her to stand next to the tree. And Jesse was not thrilled to be in Santa's lap as you can tell. I have a similar photo as a child when I was sitting on Santa's lap.

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Warren & Jennifer said...

Jesse's picture is hilarious. Mallory wasn't too keen on the jolly Santa either...we ended up taking her picture with me holding her with the Christmas tree in between us and Santa...and she still has an unhappy face on! Oh well, we don't really want her to care about him anyway, so maybe this is a good start?

Ally said...

I miss you guys so much, and miss Christmas with you guys. Love you.