Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Are we there yet?!

The past two days I have been traveling to TN with the kids. For the most part it's not that bad but it can be challenging at times! Like when your two year old has to go the potty. Doesn't seem that hard unless you have to hold your 11 month old while helping your 2 year old pull her pants down and get on the potty because you can't sit him down in the bathroom floor of whatever restaurant or gas station you happen to be in! Then it's even more of a challenge when I have to go to the bathroom and have to hold my 11 month old get the picure! Not an easy task. Thank goodness at Jason's Deli today they had a highchair that rolled so I just rolled Jesse into the bathroom so I didn't have to fight with him while helping Bailey potty. I know weird and maybe gross but hey you do what you gotta do. Or when I have to carry my Jesse, who weighs about 23lbs., while I'm trying to push/pull the luggage cart down a very very long hallway and around corners! And not once did someone offer to help! Another challenge was feeding the kids in the hotel room with no high chair and only one bowl. So I had to feed them both the macaroni and cheese we bought in the hotel lobby. Bailey also had pretzels with her supper. I know not very nutritious but oh well they are still living! We don't eat like that all the time. Thank goodness we have a DVD player in the car or I'm not sure we wold have made it to TN! So if you ever want to test your patience, see how strong you are or just want to be as crazy as me then travel with your kids by yourself!


Jack and Sheryl said...

Precisely why I am no longer in any hurry to potty train... :)

Kevin and Keri Sheckler said...

Oh boy! Fun stuff. The stroller became my best friend while traveling alone with the two kids. It carries odds and ends besides being a "holder" for an antsy baby while in public restrooms.

I can't believe no one helped you at the hotel. That is just wrong.

But like you said, you can do it! And when you get there it is all worth it.

KB Thomas said...

Girl break out the stroller and save your back! Glad you made and just think about the time you recover it will be time to head home. Miss you!