Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bailey Isn't Far From Entering The World

Hey all,

Want to let you know about our doctor's visit today. We went and the doctor, Dr. Hidayet, said that Elizabeth is getting closer but not in true labor yet. But she said that there was only 2cm of ambiotic fluid left so at this point she wants us to come in tomorrow morning to induce. This I think is normal at this stage of pregnancy when the baby is better than 10 days late.

We are excited and a little anxious. Pray for us that things will go smoothly for Elizabeth and Bailey tomorrow. Pray even that Bailey may decide to come tonight and we won't even need to induce, not that inducing is a bad thing, but from what I understand it can make the labor harder. Pray the doctor's will have great wisdom. Pray that we are able to be a blessing to those around us as Bailey enters the world. Pray for my mother and grandmother as they make the trip to help us after Bailey comes home.

We look forward to your emails and words of encouragement over the next few days. Stay tuned to the next few posts as we make lots of pictures and videos of Bailey available to you all over the world. Love you and hope to talk to you soon. If you email me at billyjamesjohnson@yahoo.com or elizabeth@vanguardnetwork.com we will give you our US telephone number that rings at our house here in Istanbul and we can call you back at no cost. It also has voicemail if you just want to leave a message.

peace peace,



amyi said...

Praying for you guys! Y'all are going to be fabulous parents!! I cannot wait to meet sweet Bailey girl! This is so blogworthy, that I updated my own blog. :-) See ya tomorrow night. :) auntie a

rindy said...

How exciting! Definitely will be prayin for ya. Geez, how'd you find my blog so fast. Scary!

Anonymous said...

HEY GUYS!! i'm so excited for you!! can't wait to see pics! will be praying for you! i know you'll be a blessing!!

knelson said...

Hey Billy James and family -
I will be praying for you all during this exciting time! Keep us posted. Kathy

rindy said...

I saw my first delivery tonight. I know you'll do great! Can't wait to see pics of the new little queen. Billy--you have the world's greatest sense of humor. Thanks for letting Teri and me take advantage of it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she is finally coming! Congratulations guys! I have been checking your blog every day to see when she will arrive:). Have fun with all those little toes and fingers:).

Rachel (in the islands)

Anonymous said...

congratulations you guys! So glad to hear she is finally coming:). I know you must be excited. I have been checking your blog reguarly to see about her arrival. Have fun with all those little fingers and toes:).

Rachel (in the islands)

Mandy B Stenberg said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I can't wait. Today is the day. Yippee. I'll check back often and keep my phone near.

Unknown said...

Hey, that means you probably had a baby today! Congrats, I can't wait for pictures!