Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary! It is hard to believe we have been married two years already. We have enjoyed every minute. We celebrated by going to the Ritz Carlton Hotel for breakfast. I know breakfast doesn't sound that exciting but it is when you don't always get bacon! We enjoyed eating pancakes, french toast, omlettes, pastries, fresh fruit, freshly squeezed orange juice and yes BACON!!! Bacon is a luxury here because Muslims don't eat it. So when you find it - it is very expensive about $50 for one pound. Anyway we really enjoyed it. We had a lovely view of the Bosphorus Strait. I wish we could show you but we forgot to take the camera with us. So the picture was taken at our house today. We spent the rest of the day working. And then I made tortillas and we ate soft tacos for dinner. Sounds like an old married couple, right?

These two years have been wonderful. I am blessed to have such a loving husband. I can't wait to spend many many more with him!



Daniel Martin said...

Billy! and Elizabeth...and Bailey! :) Hello to all! Glad to be able to keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from ya'll. Scary to think that Pine Prairie culture is now spreading into the far reaches of the world. Be blessed.

Anonymous said...

Happy day to me!! I finally have a way to directly make fun of Billy again!! Hooray! Oh yeah, happy anniversary, too! :-)

buchanan said...


I have found your blog to be intellectually stimulating. Is Turkey nice? I work for Air Canada and could fly there for cheap. Feel free to stick a link in my guestbook (www.jaeford.com).

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary friends!! Great blog; it's so fun to see sweet little Bailey. I can't wait until she comes out to play!!
:-) aunty amy