Sunday, November 20, 2005

Baby Shower for Turkish Friends

We have three American friends other than Elizabeth that are pregnant and it was fun to see all the pregnant ladies standing together, all in different stages of pregnancy.

However, the night was really about our Turkish friends and their little boy, Mustafa IV, that is on the way. Mustafa III is our Turkish Teacher for our company. He has been a long time friend and help to many of our friends here in Turkey. We were able to bless them with many different gifts and suprise them some fun American style deserts that they never had. The baby shower went really well and our friendships were solidified in a way they never have been. Hopefully we will be able to have more times where we can get together. Maybe the next picture will be of all five babies laying next to each other.

One person asked what Mustafa Bey was teaching in the class because nearly everyone of his students got pregnant. I don't know maybe it is just something in the water at the office.

Please remember these friends and all the babies that are on the way.

peace peace,

billy and elizabeth

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