Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jack's Homework

This year homework seems to be overwhelming for Bailey and Jesse or maybe just for me. But the first week I thought I would go crazy trying to help Jesse get his done (which is difficult when he will not sit still!), double check Bailey's homework (she can pretty much do it on her own but just needs me to check it) and then keep Jack occupied (which I did not do very well), oh and get dinner on the table at the same time. I have no idea how working moms or single moms do it.

One day, a friend suggested that I get a box full of stuff for Jack to do while the others are doing homework. So I got a small tote, walked through the dollar aisle at Target and voila! Jack's homework box! Now everyday, when the kids get home from school we have 30 min of free time, then a snack and then we start homework. Jack goes to the dining room, and finds something in his box to do. His favorite thing is to work puzzles. It will keep him entertained for at least an hour if not more! Hallelujah! Now everyday doesn't go as planned but for the most part homework time has remained somewhat sane.

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