Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A New Look

For a few years now I have wanted to do some landscaping - major landscaping. Our house was one of the last ones built and it seems they had leftover shrubs and they just threw them all in our yard! Our house was green (which we chose) but then we had gobs of neon green shrubs! I hated them. So last week we decided to do some major work in our yard. My wonderful husband pulled out 14 shrubs! 14! He was just a wee bit tired after that. After ripping them out I planted a small annual garden and then planted some rose bushes, 2 gardenias, an azalea bush and then several other perennials. I think we planted around 60 plants give or take. But we love it! Taking out those bushes opened up the front of our house and added so much color!  Hopefully everything will take off and then next year we will tackle the back yard! :)

see all the green and then the two bushes right in front of the columns hiding our front porch?!

see the ugly neon bushes?!

Look at all those bushes!

Ripping them out! He loves me! 

After…my little annual bed. I don't know much about gardening but hopefully I picked things that are hardy!

Look you can see our porch! And my planters that you could never see before! To the left will be the rose garden and to the right are the gardenias and azaleas. 
Finished! We love how open our house feels now. 

Our cute little "helper" - he stayed outside with us almost the whole day. He is so cute! 

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