Saturday, June 30, 2012

Little Swimmers

For the past two weeks the kids have been taking swim lessons. Bailey knows how to swim so she is learning things like freestyle and the backstroke. To pass her class to go to the next level she has to swim 25m doing both. She can swim 25m doing the backstroke but she is still working on freestyle. I think she could do it but water kept getting in her goggles and she kept stopping. Hopefully we can get that fixed. Anyway, she is a great little swimmer. Her first week of class she had 4 others in the class. They would all share a lane but the teacher would space them out. Bailey would always pass one or two when it was her turn to go. The teacher would say, "Bailey, don't run over the boys! " She likes and it and I hope she continues to hopefully be on the swim team one day.

Jesse, had swim lessons last year but wasn't too fond of them. He is doing better this year. He did pass his first class and got to move up the second week but he still doesn't like going underwater. Don't think he will be on any swim team but I just want him to be able to swim and have fun. His big fear is jumping into the water. The first week he looked like a granny jumping in. But by the second week he was jumping in like a big boy! Progress!

This was Jack's first time. He isn't a fan either of going underwater but he does it. He is also afraid to jump in which is funny cause last year he loved it. He was even pushing Jesse in the pool last year when Jesse was taking too long and he was ready to go! But bribes work well with him so I told him if he just jumped in and didn't cry then we would go to McDonald's Play Land after swim lessons. And it worked! Actually he only cried once or twice.

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Here is Bailey doing freestyle. I have her doing the backstroke but the video is on Billy's phone and I forgot to get it off before I posted.

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