Wednesday, February 18, 2009

He's walking!

Well Jesse finally decided that yesterday was the day he was going to walk without any assistance. Bailey was the first one to see him as he walked across the living room. I was trying to find Bailey a cartoon when she yelled, "mommy look!" And there he went. He's still a little wobbly but he is using his legs to walk and not scoot across the floor more and more! People keep asking why I am so excited to see him walk because this usually means they are into everything. Well he was already into everything. And he weighs over 27lbs! Carrying him is not easy! And he's 15 1/2 months old so it's about time he walked. I was having my doubts but then remembered that I haven't seen to many 18 year olds scooting across the stage to receive their diploma! And it's a milestone that every parent wants to see. It's so fun to see him toddle across the floor and keep his balance. He's getting better about turning but yesterday if he was headed in one direction that was the only direction he would go even though we might be telling him to come over here or there. So our little boy is getting bigger. What a blessing!

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and this is just a fun picture of our little monkey. It's classic because he has just drank some milk and has milk running down his chin. For some reason EVERY time he takes a sip of milk, with a straw, he spits milk out as he finishes. And if your holding him then you will have milk all over you! yes this happens EVERY TIME!!!!

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1 comment:

Chris and Jonya said...

He and Bailey are so happy and cute. It is so great that He is walking around. We are still waiting on Hannah to crawl. She likes to stand and take a few steps with help but could care less about crawling.
Miss you guys!!