Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Behind the Wheel

It's funny that Jesse has never been behind a wheel but he knew exactly what to do with it! He loved Chuck E. Cheese this time. He liked riding the rides. And next time we will save money because Bailey likes to play on the free stuff better than the games that take tokens. She was so excited that we were going to Chuck E. Cheese (that's all she talked about for days!) that when we got out of the car she looked at the sign in the parking lot and waved at it and said "hi Chuck E. Cheese!" Kids know how to make you laugh, don't they?!

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1 comment:

Jayme and Jared said...

Elizabeth, I love keeping up with y'all through the blog and watching the kids grow. Y'all look great and seem to be doing so well. If y'all are ever through Jackson MS let us know - we would love to see y'all sometime! Jayme, Jared, and Landrum.