Friday, June 13, 2008

Sigara Borek but not really

Yesterday I tried to make one of my favorite Turkish foods, sigara borek. I made it at least once a week the last 6 months we lived in Turkey. I tried using feta cheese because people say it is the most like beyaz peynir but not really. It's kinda like saying milk tastes like coke but not really. The cheeses have the same texture but not taste! So I was a little disappointed. Maybe I should try making my own beyaz peynir. Not sure how to do that but I can find anything on Google, right?


Brandon & Bess said...

I'll trade you some beyaz peynir for cheddar any day ;)

Google it, I'm sure it's there! Missed you guys today as we enjoyed a farewell tour w/ the Denney's on the Hiawatha :)

Much Love,

Debbie said...

There's a Turkish market in Kansas City that has some gercek beyaz peynir... I'll have to box some up and mail it to you. Along with some visne suyu for Bailey. ;-)